BARRAMUNDI was rescued on 20th September 2001
Barramundi was our first pup to be rescued this season. He was found at Widemouth Bay near Bude on the 20th September 2001. He was 2½ weeks of age when rescued, suffering from a large swelling around his pelvis and a few superficial wounds to his flippers and his left eye. He also had a raging temperature. Barramundi responded well to antibiotic treatment but showed little interest in feeding for himself. A persistent cough concerned the animal care team but the cause of his irritation was discovered when a small length of fishing line was found in Barramundi´s pen, which we suspect he had coughed up. Barramundi, a rescued pup
This set back slowed Barramundi´s rehabilitation and meant many weeks of gently force feeding him fish. Other younger pups in the hospital were flying through their rehabilitation, so to encourage Barramundi to eat for himself, we moved him down to the nursery pools with the others. Unfortunately, he made no progress and instead started to lose weight. We made the decision to bring him back up to the hospital to begin the force feeding process again.

After a few weeks, Barramundi showed to be an extremely playful pup and even started to shred fish in his pool. On reaching 29 kilos on 5th December 2001 we moved him down to the nursery pools.

We are pleased to report that Barramundi is now feeding well for himself, we hope it will not be too long before he will have reached 30 kilos and can be moved into the convalescent pool, before being released back out into the wild.

UPDATE - She was released 26th March 2002 on the south coast of Cornwall along with two other puppies, Puffa and Piglet.

FLAKE was rescued on 6th October 2001
Flake, a rescued pup, photo by MargaretFlake was rescued on the 6th October 2001 from Widemouth Bay, North Cornwall. She was 5 days old upon rescue and had a long white creamy coat indicating she was still dependent on her mother. Sadly, before we could assess her, members of the public took her from the beach to a local vet.
It may be that she was in fact removed from her mother. Grey seal pups are left by their mothers for 3 - 4 hours at a time; during this time the mother feeds herself close to the shoreline, before returning to suckle her pup. Usually if observing for long enough she can be seen in the surf always watching her pup. Once back in our care Flake received a milk formula, which she was fed every 4 hours until she started to moult her baby fur. We then started to introduce her to fish feeds and it was not long before she was feeding herself. Once steadily gaining weight and feeding well she was moved outside into the nursery pools before transition into the convalescent pool.

UPDATE - She was released back to the wild on 15th April 2002 on the north coast of Cornwall with Jack