BARNABY was rescued on 15th January 2000
Barnaby was rescued by the RSPCA and transferred to Gweek on 15th of January 2000. He had superficial wounds to his body but otherwise was in reasonable condition. An ulcer on his eye meant he was kept dry for a number of days to enable the topical treatment to take effect. Barnaby was given water soon after and was rapidly moved down into a nursery pool. He was moved into the convalescent pool on the 5th of March 2000.

HERCULES arrived on 17th January 2000
Hercules was again rescued by the RSPCA from Gunwalloe. He was suffering from a chest infection which responded well to antibiotic therapy. When he reached the Sanctuary on the 17th January 2000 he was fit and just needed to go into water and put on some weight. He was moved into the convalescent pool on 1st of March 2000.

SUZUKI arrived on 24th January 2000
Suzuki was rescued by the RSPCA in South Wales. She was suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. Arriving at the Sanctuary on the 24th January 2000, Suzuki was already well on the road to recovery, needing only to go into an outside pool. She was moved into a pool with another female pup, Tegan, who is undergoing treatment for a bone infection. Suzuki is doing well and just needs to put on some weight before she can be moved into the convalescent pool.