Bagshot was rescued on 11th February 2010
We received a call on 11th February 2010 from a member of the public at Perranporth to inform us that there was a seal on the beach with a severe netting injury around its neck.
Volunteers were despatched to the beach and having found the pup was quickly brought back to the Sanctuary.

In Isolation pen 1 the pup was weighed and found to be 26 kilos and in a good body condition. The net which had managed to get caught around its neck and front flippers was removed, the wound cleaned and a course of antibiotics started, there were also a few minor wounds to its rear flippers. This pup is a little girl around 12 weeks old and has been called Bagshot.
Bagshot Update: 15th February 2010 - Bagshot has now been moved into the main hospital and is a very feisty little pup, despite her injuries.

Update: 28th February 2010 - This photo of Bagshot was taken on 27th February 2010 in the main hospital.    Click here to see further photos.

Bagshot´s flipper tag number is 39 (light blue).
Update: 4th April 2010 - Bagshot is doing really well and putting on weight. This photo of Bagshot was taken on 1st April 2010 in the outside pup´s rehabilitation pool.
    Click here to see further photos.

Update: 24th April 2010 - Bagshot is in the pup rehabilitation pool with Gilderoy and Weasley.

Update: 1st June 2010 - Bagshot along with Weasley, Mad Eye Moody and Lavender were released back into the wild on 21st May 2010 at Gwithian.
Bagshot - photo by Lisa Morgan Update: 27th January 2014 - Bagshot has been spotted in the wild at Ramsey Island in October 2013 by the RSPB´s warden Lisa Morgan.

Click here to see two photos taken by Lisa Morgan.

Update: 28th February 2014 - Bagshot was spotted on 3rd February 2014 at Ramsey Island.
Update: 15th September 2014 - Lisa Morgan was delighted to tell us that she had spotted Bagshot at Ramsey Island on 7th September 2014.

Click here to see a larger photo of Bagshot taken by Lisa Morgan.
Bagshot - photo by Lisa Morgan
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