ASH was rescued on 16th November 2003
ASH - Rescued 16th November 2003 Ash was rescued on 16th November 2003 from Downderry, Nr Looe by the RSPCA. He was reported to be malnourished and to have a head injury which luckily was not as serious as it first appeared. His wounds were cleaned and antibiotics were administered and he was given fluid therapy to re-hydrate him. The Animal Care Team were also concerned about his rear flippers as they were badly bitten and he was unable to move them himself.
His flippers were x-rayed and fortunately nothing was found to be broken but they were badly bruised and swollen and so pain killers were administered.
Update 10th December 2003 - Ash has improved immensely over the last 3 weeks. His wounds have almost healed and so he is off all drugs. He has a very healthy appetite and is eating well on his own. We will soon start to fill his pen with water. This will happen as soon as his wounds have fully healed.
Update 18th April 2004 - Once his wounds had healed and he began feeding himself he was moved to the outdoor pools and was released on 16th April 2004.