Aquarium News Update - October 2008

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major with Anya (right) and Rob (middle) Everything stopped for a little while when the Former Prime Minister Sir John Major and his family paid the Sanctuary a surprise visit. He enjoyed his walk round the sanctuary and was impressed by our new seal rescue centre.

Apart from John Major's visit, lots have been happening in the aquarium since winter has arrived.
The animal care team has been busy doing routine winter maintenance and has re-themed the majority of the tanks. The nursery wall in the Marine Hospital has been given a new face and was covered in wood cladding to make it look nicer.

Earlier this month, we had some new red belly piranhas arrive which look great in their tank and have settled well.
a young Bonnet Head Shark Our new big belly seahorses have settled well and we are now hoping for some offspring.

The sharks are doing well, our bonnet head shark (photo left) and the rescued little black tip reef shark have made new friends and look like the settled well into their new home too.

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