Aquarium News Update - October 2007

Our Japanese Spider Crab moulted this month, she had stopped eating a seemed a little lethargic and we suspected she was getting ready to moult. Them one morning we came in and found her moult sitting next to her. She has grown nearly an inch across the back and we don´t expect her to moult for another couple of years. Usually crabs always moult over night and then trample and destroy their old shells so we were very lucky to find her old shell in perfect condition. It was taken out of the tank and we are currently trying to dry it out to then display it.

We also removed 2 egg cases from our Shark Lagoon. These had been laid by own Brown Banded Bamboo sharks. We have the egg cases in another tank were we can monitor them daily and hopefully we will have a couple of baby sharks born.

Rob holding our Japanese Spider Crab

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