Aquarium News Update - August / September 2008

New Residents in the Shark Lagoon - Earlier this month, we celebrated the arrival of a new shark at the sanctuary.

After a long journey from Dorset to Norfolk, a young Bonnet Head Shark (right) had arrived at the sanctuary and was welcomed by a huge crowd of visitors all eager to see how he would go into our Ocean Tank Display. Our Animal Care Team had driven to Weymouth in Dorset to pick the young shark up and transport him back to Hunstanton.
a young Bonnet Head Shark
Once they had arrived back at the sanctuary, it only took a little while to prepare the water temperature in the transport tank for the little Shark to move into his new home. He was carefully placed into a stretcher and then carried quickly through to the hatch beside the tank where he was hauled up into the air and carefully slipped into the top of the tank.
Boris, Black Tip Reef Shark This time we rescued a young Black Tip Reef Shark (left) which had been ordered by mistake from an Aquatics Shop in Essex.

Unfortunately the shop couldn't provide an adequate tank for the shark so we came to rescue and offered to give the black tip a new home.
Boris as he was christened quickly settled in and started exploring his new home. Some of the older sharks came over and had a nosy look at the "new kid in town" but soon decided that he is part of the group and didn't give him any hassle. The whole sanctuary team was relieved when Boris started to eat after a couple of days and seemed to have settled well.
The whole journey was followed by the popular BBC TV Show Animal 24/7; the footage will be broadcasted in February 2009. Click here to read the press release.    Both Sharks have settled very well with the rest of the group.

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