April - Arrived on 22nd April 2008

A white coat pup aged between 2-3 days old was found on a beach in Padstow on 22nd of April 2008 not looking too well.

Unfortunately the people who had found the pup picked her up, so she had to be brought back to the Sanctuary, as the scent would have transferred from human to pup and mum would have then abandon her.
Back at the Sanctuary she was put in to isolation 1. She weighed 12 kilos and was given fluids for the first 24 hours before being moved on to milk. She has no wounds apart from her umbilicus still attached, and a graze to her nose. She loves her milk and cannot wait for feeding time, which is every 4 hours. She has a lot of energy and spins around and around when we try to take her temperature. She has been called April.

If you do come across a seal pup, please don´t touch it, and call the National Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221361.

Hospital Update: 2nd May 2008 - April is doing her best to wriggle away from the Animal Care Team during feeding time, and in a week will be weaned on to fish soup (yummy!!) She has started to lose her fur from around her face and will start to moult more quickly over the next few days.
Update: 5th May 2008 - Click here to read April´s press release. Also to read about April on the BBC´s website by clicking here.
Update: 6th June 2008 - April, our very early (or very late) rescued seal pup has moved to the nursery pools. The Animal Care Team made the difficult decision to move her into the outside pools in the hope it will encourage her to feed herself by learning form and being in the company of other seal pups. Although still quite small there were no concerns about her being able to look after herself, as soon as she was released into the nursery pool she was chasing all the other seals out of the water, I think April may need a lesson in how to share!
Update: 13th June 2008 - April is still being force fed fish and we are trying to encourage her into the water, but is still reluctant to go in. We have also flipper tagged April, her number is 29 (yellow).
April in the nursery pool Update: 22nd June 2008 - April is feeding a lot better, she even bites and scratches the Animal Care Team when they go in to feed her. She is getting on well with the other rescued seal pup Simbad in the nursery pool, and is even in the water swimming about, but is still showing no interest in fish.

These photos of April were taken on Saturday 21st June 2008 in the outisde nursery pool No. 2.
April in the nursery pool
Common seal meets Grey seal pup and Hooded sealUpdate: 25th July 2008 - This week April was moved into the round pool on the hill with the Common seals, Luna and Sija. April is the only rescued seal pup left now with us and will be at the Sanctuary for the entire summer. We had to put her back on fluids last week as she was refusing to eat. As April is sharing the pool with the Common seals and the other rescued seal pups have been released back into the wild, she has started to show a little interest in the fish that is thrown in the pool. Hopefully this is the turning point for April and she will soon start to eat for herself and put on weight.

Update: 22nd August 2008 - April is, we think, finally becoming a real grey seal and has started to take fish in her mouth and chew it, she has yet to swallow them.
Update: 29th August 2008 - April is still being force fed fish four times a day, but she is putting on weight and is now up to 12 kilos, hopefully she will continue too improve.

Update: 13th September 2008 - April is still hand feeding from the Animal Care Team, but the fish we leave on the side of the pool, is at least being played with and when the pool is drained and cleaned we are finding mashed up fish at the bottom of the pool.
Photo of April was taken by Véronique Crombé
AprilUpdate: 19th September 2008 - April was moved into the convalescent pool earlier this week, she was a little scared to start with but was brave to sneak past Snoopy and get back into her little nursery pool, where she now resides.

Update: 26th September 2008 - April has started to come in to the convalescent pool during feeding time, but this is only to harass the members of the Animal Care Team doing the talk, as she likes to try and bite their legs, which our visitors find were amusing. She is still refusing to eat in the water with the other seals, but hopefully when the pups in the hospital move outside the penny will drop...fingers crossed!
Update: 31st October 2008 - April is doing well in the convalescent pool and has managed to put on another 0.5 kilo in weight, at this rate she will be ready for release at Christmas...in 2009!

Update: 7th November 2008 - April has managed to put on 0.5 kilos in a week making her now weighing 19 kilos...at this rate, she will be ready for release back into the wild sometime in 2010.
Photo copyright of Graham Karslake (G and R Photography)
AprilUpdate: 24th November 2008 - These photos of April were taken on 15th November 2008 in the convalescent pool. April has finally realised she is a seal and is doing really well competing for fish.

Update: 12th December 2008 - April now weighs 31 kilos.
April Update: 1st January 2009 - These photos of April were taken on 29th December 2008 in the convalescent pool.April
Photo was taken by Simon Bone Update: 13th February 2009 - April was released back into the wild along with Fairy, Sam, Oscar and Tyson at Porthtowan on 12th February 2009.