ANGEL was rescued on 25th December 2001
Angel, a rescued pup Angel was rescued on 25th December 2001 from Porthgwarra. She was very malnourished when rescued, weighing just 15kilos. We suspect she may have ingested some oil after traces were found in her faeces and vomit after being tubed.

She was given a course of antibiotics and some medication to settle her stomach and help with her diarrhoea. She was also given an anti-congestant to ease her snuffly breathing.
Angel responded well to treatment and learnt to eat for herself very quickly. On receiving the ´all clear´ from our vet and reaching 31kilos she was moved down to share a nursery pool with Molly for her next stage of rehabilitation.

MOLLY was rescued on 28th December 2001
Molly, a rescued pupMolly was rescued from Penzance on 28th December 2001. She was spotted by members of the public who had seen her scrambling up the slip-way by the local swimming pool!

When the animal care team arrived to have a look at Molly, it was immediately obvious that she needed to be rescued. Molly was clearly malnourished and had some very nasty wounds on her body.
Molly received a course of antibiotics to clear off any infections and her wounds were cleaned twice a day. When she was introduced to fish she showed no interest in eating for herself and seemed to have difficulty swallowing. On closer inspection by our vet, Molly was found to be suffering from possible Tracheitis or Bronchitis.

Molly´s treatment was changed and within a week she began eating fish for herself.

On 22nd January 2002 Molly was moved down to the nursery pools and will be released with the others in the spring.