Andy Murray was rescued on 15th September 2011
The Sanctuary´s Animal Care Team Assistant Dan had a well earned break and a day off work on 15th September 2011; of course this means that we are 99% certain that Dan will be called out to a pup that has managed to get into trouble. We received a phone call around lunch time from Dan to say that he had received a call about a pup at Fishermans Cove. Dan also took Dave and Lesley also members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) and headed out.

Dan did in fact find a two day old baby seal and with no signs of Mum, phoned the rest of the team at the Sanctuary and all concluded that the pup would need to be brought into the Sanctuary, all Dan could tell us was it was around two days old, 15.5 kilos and a little boy.
Andy Murray
Andy Murray While the rest of the team were busy feeding the residents at the Sanctuary, Claire prepared the isolation pen in the hospital for the new arrival. About an hour later the pup was brought into the Sanctuary and put into isolation pen 1 for its clinical assessment. It was indeed a little boy and weighing in at 15.5 kilos. At only two days old it still had its umbilical cord attached and this would need cleaning, so it was free of infection. The pup, due to its age, was started on a course of antibiotics to help fight any infection it might have and would be fed on multi-milk which is a milk substitute to replace mums milk.

This pup is a little boy and continuing with the Hero´s Theme this year, has been named ANDY MURRAY.
Update: 28th September 2011 - On the 19th September 2011 Murray was moved into the main hospital, he has now started to moult his white fluffy coat and the Animal Care Team are now busy assist feeding him fish, as well as leaving fish in his pen so he will be encouraged to eat them for himself, once confident in feeding he will have water put in his pen.Andy Murray
Andy Murray on 19th October 2011 Update: 22nd October 2011 - Photo left of Murray was taken in the outside nursery pool on 19th October 2011.    His flipper tag number is 03 (green).
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Update: 28th October 2011 - Murray along with two other rescued seal pups, Flo and Finn, are in nursery pools 1 and 2, they are now learning to
feed with competition.

Update: 23rd November 2011 - Andy Murray is now in the convalescent pool for his final stage of rehabilitation.
Update: 1st January 2012 - Photo right of Andy Murray was taken in the convalescent pool on 28th December 2011.
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Update: 19th January 2012 - Andy Murray was released back into the wild at Gwithian beach on 17th January 2012 along with Marti Pellow, Finn, Ronseal and David Attenborough.
Andy Murray on 28th December 2011

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