Happy Reunion at Seal Sanctuary

Every cloud has a silver lining they say...and so it has proved for father and son fur seals at the National Seal Sanctuary.

Dad Andy and son Chaff have been reunited after a five year separation, following the tragic death of Chaff´s partner Mika earlier this year.   All three fur seals arrived at the Sanctuary together in 2006 from Coombe Martin Wildlife Park, but Andy and Chaff had not actually shared the same enclosure since Chaff was first partnered with Mika three years earlier.
Andy and Chaff
"Two males and one female is a recipe for serious conflict, even when the two males are related," explained Sanctuary animal care supervisor Tamara Cooper.

Tamara and her colleagues were devastated in April when pregnancy complications proved fatal for both Mika and her unborn pup.

Until that sad and tragic event they had been busily searching for a new home for Andy, whose residence at Gweek was a temporary measure until a suitable new home could be found.

That search has now been called off, however, after 17-year-old Andy moved in with his nine-year-old son Chaff, and both seemed delighted to see each other.

"Both have perked up amazingly since we put them together on Monday," said Tamara.

Even this happy outcome is not without its complications; however, for in spite of the age difference Andy and Chaff are almost impossible to tell apart.
"That could prove tricky if one or other ever needs any dietary supplements for medicinal purposes," said Tamara, "but no doubt we´ll get the knack of telling who´s who before too long."
Issued by The National Seal Sanctuary
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Press Release date: 24th July 2008