Amber, Resident Common Seal
Species : Harbour/Common Seal
(Phoca Vitulina)

Sex : Female

Date of Birth : 28th June 2004

Weight : Approx. 70kgs

Diet : Herring
Amber was born on 28th June 2004 at the Blankenberge SEA LIFE Centre in Belgium.

It was decided she would join Sally at Hunstanton to keep her company when there were no pups at the Sanctuary, as Sally had been without a permanent companion since Mando was moved to Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary.

On 30th of September 2004 Amber began her journey to Hunstanton very early that morning. She was going to be brought to England on the ferry from Calais but on that day the French fishermen were blockading all the ports in protest over rising fuel prices. No one had any idea how long these blockades were going to last and staff were starting to get concerned for Amber´s welfare.

It was starting to look as though she would have to be taken back to Blankenberge, but happily for Amber as soon as the Euro tunnel officials were made aware of Amber´s plight they made special arrangements for her to cross under the channel on the Eurostar passenger train. The rest of Amber´s journey was uneventful and she arrived at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary at around 5:45pm that day. Amber and Sally get on fine and will hopefully be friends for a long time to come.

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