ALBATROSS was rescued on 4th November 2002
Albatross was rescued from Mawgan Porth on the 4th of November 2002. He was extremely malnourished and his breathing was laboured. He also had a few bite wounds on his flippers.

He was treated with antibiotics and pain killers and soon recovered. He was well enough to be transferred out of isolation before any of the other pups that were rescued around the same time.

Albatross has been feeding for himself since the day he arrived and quickly put on enough weight to be transferred to the main pool. He should be one of the first pups to be released.

DIPPER was rescued on 12th November 2002
Dipper was rescued on the 12th November 2002 from Port Isaac by the RSPCA. She was only two and a half weeks old and had numerous puncture wounds to her body. She had a particularly deep puncture wound to the side of her head, and was lucky to have kept her right eye.

After being given treatment, Dipper did not respond to the drugs and new antibiotics had to be used. Luckily, this worked and Dipper has made a full recovery. She did not want to eat for herself until the Animal Care Team placed her in water, and even now she will play with her fish instead of eating them. Once she learns to eat properly, she can be transferred to the nursery pools.