[Rescued Seals]

BILBO - Released 27th November 2004
Bilbo, a rescued pupBilbo is a grey seal pup, he was found on Cley beach on 11th of April 2004. He was underweight, had worms, had quite a few wounds (possibly from a fight) and had bald patches on his body. He is eating fish for himself now and starting to put on some weight, the worms have gone but he is still a bald in places. He will stay at the Sanctuary until he is completely recovered and weighs enough to be returned to the wild.
NEVILLE - Released 22nd May 2004
Neville, a rescued pupNeville is a common seal pup, he was found on Hunstanton beach on 29th of January 2004. He was suffering from worms and was underweight. He is now completely recovered from his worms and has put on plenty of weight so he is now outside learning to compete against other seals for his food. He will be released when he has learnt this vital skill.
GOLLUM - Released 22nd May 2004
Gollum, a rescued pupGollum is a grey seal pup, he was found on Hunstanton beach right outside the Sanctuary on 13th of January 2004. He was underweight and suffering from worms but very lively and aggressive. He has now recovered from the worms and is big enough to go into the outside pool, the only problem with him now though is that he´s so aggressive we can´t catch him out of his hospital pen very easily, he will stay in the outside pool until he has learnt to compete against other seals for his food, that´s if we can get him out of the hospital! He has now been moved outside and is enjoying life in the pool.
ARWEN - Released 22nd May 2004
Arwen, a rescued pupArwen is a grey seal pup, she was found on Hunstanton beach on 3rd of March 2004. She was underweight and looked very sorry for herself. On her second day at the Sanctuary we found out why she wasn´t feeling too well. After her morning feed she was sick and brought up a lot of bird feathers, after that she was very lively and couldn´t wait to start eating fish. In fact she was so eager to eat that she would sometimes try and eat staff members welly boots when they were in her pen first thing in the morning. She is now completely recovered and is in the outside pool competing for her food against the other seals out there.

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