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Ten Seals Released
SAM - Released 27th November 2003
Sam, a rescued pupSam is a grey seal pup, he was found on Brancaster beach on 16th of January 2004. He was suffering from a worm infestation in his lungs, underweight and had numerous wounds and bite marks all over his body, the bite marks are thought to have been caused by an adult seal.
He is now up to a good weight and all his wounds have healed. At the moment he has seal pox (like chicken pox) so he has to stay in the hospital until he has recovered from this, then he will go into the outside pool to learn how to compete for his food before being returned to the wild. Sam, a rescued pup
Update 22nd May 2004 - Sam has been moved to the outside pool.
FRODO - Released 17th April 2004
Frodo, a rescued pupFrodo is a grey seal pup, he was found on Wells-next-the-Sea beach on the 9th of January 2004. He was suffering from a worm infestation in his lungs and he was very underweight. He is already eating fish by himself and is now beginning to put on some weight.
Frodo, a rescued pup He will be moved from the Hospital to the outdoor pool when he has gained more weight and will be returned to the wild when he is fully recovered. Frodo, a rescued pup
NOEL - Released 17th April 2004
Noel, a rescued pupNoel, a Grey Sea pup, arrived on Christmas Eve, 24th of December 2003. He was found all alone on Old Hunstanton beach,about 1 month old, in quite a malnourished condition and very underweight. It would appear that he had recently left his mum to try to fend for himself in the big wide world, but had found it difficult to catch enough fish.
Noel, a rescued pup He has been brought back to the Sanctuary hospital where he will stay with us until he is fit enough to try again back in the wild. Noel, a rescued pup

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