[Rescued Seals]
The following pups have been returned to the wild:-
Common Seals - Homer, Patty, Selma, Marge, Millhouse, Bart, Ned,
Grey Seals - Sirus
Below are three of the 2003 season rescued pups.
HOMER - Released
Homer, a rescued pupHomer is a male common seal and he was found on Heacham beach on the 19th of June 2003. When he was found he was only a day old and had lost his mother. He weighed 10kg and was taken into the Sanctuary Hospital where he was fed around the clock on a milk substitute.
Once he was 4 weeks old we began to feed him fish and after only one day he learned how to eat his herring on his own. He has since put on weight and will remain in the hospital until he is ready to be moved outside to join the larger seals in their outdoor pool. Homer should be ready to be returned to the sea soon after Christmas 2003.
PATTY - Released
Patty, a rescued pupPatty is a female common seal and she was found on Snettisham beach on the 27th of June 2003. She was only a day old and Patty had also lost her mother. Patty was lying on the beach cuddling up to another small seal pup. Both little pups were very frightened and were huddled together to find comfort and security in the absence of their mothers. Patty and her friend were both brought back to the Sanctuary to be assessed.
Patty had a small wound on her right ear which has now healed up completely. She was also fed around the clock with a milk substitute until she was ready to take fish. Sometimes she gets so excited when it comes to feeding time that she doesn´t concentrate on what she is doing and tends to bite at everything possible quite often missing the food, so feeding her can take a quite a while. She is now putting on weight well. When we are confident she will be able to compete with the other seals for food she will be moved to the outside pool where she will finish her rehabilitation. Then she will be returned to the wild with the other rescued seal pups.
Patty’s friend who we also rescued has been called Selma and she is also doing very well. We have positioned them in pens next to each other in the hospital so that they can still see each other all day long.
BART - Released
Bart, a rescued pupBart is a male common seal and he was found on Heacham beach on the 27th of June 2003. Bart was 3 or 4 days old when he was found. Bart had also become separated from his mother. When he was first brought to the sanctuary he weighed 11kg and he remained at this weight until he started to feed on fish and he is now putting on weight steadily.
He is currently keeping another seal company and showing her how to eat fish for herself. Soon he will be moved to the outside pool with our two resident seals where he will finish his rehabilitation and be released back to the wild to rejoin his natural colony early in the new year.

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