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EinsteinEinstein, a male common seal pup, was rescued from Snettisham beach on 25th June 2009 weighing 13kg on arrival. He was thought to be about 2 weeks old when rescued... More>>
LassieLassie, a female common seal, was rescued on 24th June 2009 from Heacham beach. She weighed 11kg upon arrival and was approximately 1-2 weeks old... More>>
FlipperFlipper, a common seal pup, was rescued from Snettisham beach on 16th June 2009. When arrived at the sanctuary she weighed 10kg and was only about 24 hours old - she arrived back at the Seal Rescue Centre with her umbilical cord still attached... More>>
SootySooty, a grey seal pup, was originally rescued in North Yorkshire by the Scarborough Sea Life & Marine Sanctuary. He was moved to Hunstanton as we had more space available at the time...  More>>
BuckBuck, a common seal pup, was picked up from old Hunstanton beach on 8th February 2009. He had been attacked by a dog or another seal as he had various cuts on his nose and on all of his flippers. He even had cuts covering most of his body... More>>
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