Fairy Gets Seal Of Approval
Two week old Fairy has become the second rescued seal pup of the season for the National Seal Sanctuary and has taken an unusual liking to Fairy washing up liquid.

The small white coated pup was rescued in Tintagel, near Boscastle late on Saturday evening. Suffering from two very bad bites to the head and a bad eye, she was rushed to a vet and then driven to the Sanctuary.
"Being injured and so young means that all the equipment we use at the Sanctuary must be thoroughly sanitised, and Fairy washing up liquid is perfect for this as isn't harmful to young pups like some chemicals can be" said Tamara Cooper, head of the Animal Care Team.

On hearing this, Carol Graham from Fairy kindly donated original washing up liquid to the Sanctuary, to help the staff looking after the seal.

However, after getting familiar with original Fairy being used to clean her pen, the tubes that feed her and other equipment, she now won't allow any other formula of Fairy to be used.

"We once used other scents of washing up liquid, including Apple and Lemon, and Fairy didn't like it all! She wouldn't go anywhere near the equipment we had used it on and looked really miserable!" added Tamara.

The Sanctuary staff now have to use the original Fairy so as not to upset the pup.

"We've been very lucky as Fairy have donated a lot more of the product to us since then so our pup Fairy is happy again!" expanded Tamara.

Issued by The National Seal Sanctuary
For more information, please contact Laura Ward or Tamara Cooper on 01326 221361
Press Release date: 29th September 2008

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