New Home Found for Accidental Shark!
A shop owner who accidentally ordered a black tipped reef shark - capable of growing to six feet - has found it the ideal new home.

Brentwood Aquatics manager Jamie Henderson thought he had ordered a small and docile black-banded catshark when he placed a last minute order with Indonesian suppliers a month ago.

″It was last thing on a Thursday night and I scanned through the stock list in order to place the order over the telephone, reading off the order codes alongside each selection,″ he said.
Brentwood Aquatics
″It wasn´t until the shipment arrived that I discovered we´d a different kind of shark altogether, one in need of a much larger tank than either we or the majority of our customers can provide it with,″ said Jamie.

″It´s a bit embarrassing really. It´s clearly unsuitable for a domestic tank and I´ve never had anything like it before in 10 years in the business.″

Boris, as the sleek tropical shark has been christened, is currently only a pup of some 22 inches, and has been lovingly nurtured for the past four weeks in the biggest tank available at the Aquatics storeā€¦one of four feet by four feet.

Jamie has had offers for him, but rejected them because the prospective owners could not provide a spacious enough tank.

With Boris gaining an inch a week, however, Jamie has been desperate to find a suitable home for him, and was delighted when Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary came to the rescue.

Sanctuary manager Nigel Croasdale was only too happy to offer Boris a new home.

″He has fitted right in with the black-tips and other tropical sharks in our huge ocean tank,″ said Nigel. ″It´s a massive display with its own little coral reef, and Boris is already very happy here.″

Jamie followed Nigel and Boris all the way back to Hunstanton to inspect her new quarters for himself.

The story has already captured the interest of the popular BBC TV show Animal 24/7, who accompanied Boris the Shark on his journey.

Footage of the move is scheduled to be shown on BBC1 in February 2009.
Issued by the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Nigel Croasdale on 01485 533576
Press Release date: 28th August 2008

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