Ol´ Blue Eyes Keeps Seal Pups Happy Night & Day

It may sound like something stupid...but there´s nothing calms a sickly seal pup in the wee small hours of the morning quite like a spot of Ol´ Blue Eyes.

Animal care worker Rob Meyer has found the task of caring for four rescued pups at the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary a real summer breeze, with the help of Frank Sinatra.
Rob Meyer
The Sanctuary´s newly refurbished Seal Hospital with new one-way viewing windows has recently gone from empty to full in the space of a week.

For Rob and his colleagues that means long hours and interrupted sleep, with the patients needing to be bottle fed a special milk formula every four hours.

At just 20-years-of-age Rob is perhaps an unlikely Sinatra fan, and puts his passion down to his dad.
A seal pup enjoying listening to Sinatra ″My dad used to play Sinatra every day when I was a little boy. That´s probably how I caught the bug.″

It was on one particularly early shift, when he and the colleague on the previous shift passed each other like strangers in the night, that Rob stuck some classic Sinatra on his portable CD player and was astonished at the reaction.
″They all stopped braying like angry donkeys and lay quietly and listened,″ said Rob. ″One of them even nodded off.″

When Rob revealed his discovery at the Sanctuary´s daily team meeting the next day his colleagues couldn´t help exchanging glances!

Having seen the effect for themselves, however, they had to admit it was too marvellous for words…and have given their blessing for Rob to do things his way!
Fellow animal care worker 20-year-old Kirsty Sopp (pictured) definitely gets no kick out of Sinatra.

″Justin Timberlake is more my thing,″ she said, ″but the old crooner certainly seems to do the trick with the seal pups, so I´m happy to put up with him.″
Kirsty Sopp
″Rob and the team do a great job, showing real dedication and putting in a lot of unsocial hours,″ said Sanctuary boss Nigel Croasdale.

″Sinatra does nothing for me, but if Old Blue Eyes helps make the job a little bit easier…then as far as I´m concerned anything goes.″

The Seal Hospital´s new one-way windows make it possible for visitors to see rescued pups in the very early stages of recovery for the first time.

″If they happen to spot them swinging side to side, now they′ll know why,″ said Nigel.
Issued by the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Anya Hodapp or Rob Meyer on 01485 533576
Press Release date: 28th July 2008

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