The National Seal Sanctuary hosted a fun dog show on Sunday 25th September in aid of the Merlin´s Magic Wand.

Merlin´s Magic Wand is a worldwide charity for children aiming to provide magical experiences for those who are seriously ill, disabled or disadvantaged.

There were a total of fifteen fun classes on the day including Best Puppy, Best Veteran and Prettiest and Handsome Bitch and Dog respectively.
Charity Dog Show
All first prize contestants then competed for the coveted "Best in Show" cup, but it was 12 year old Elliot Tree with his Hungarian Vizsla, Reuben, who took home the trophy with second place being awarded to Craig Pellow with his working Cocker puppy, Jessie.

"Best Rescue" winner Rufus won the judges heart on the day. The 16 year old Cairn terrier had previously belonged to a disabled owner, but upon their death was locked in a shed for five months until he was eventually discovered and given a loving home by Mrs Kay Ray.

Organiser of the dog show and Operations Manager at the Sanctuary, Eileen Keeling, explained: "It´s nice to see the Sanctuary and the local community getting together for a worthwhile cause and having some fun too."

"The Sanctuary would like to thank Gweek village hall for putting on refreshments and additional thanks to Lady Sally Mackenzie who judged the event."

Overall, the National Seal Sanctuary, with the help of generous dog owners, raised a total of £206.29, all of which will be donated to the Merlin´s Magic Wand.
Press release issued by: The National Seal Sanctuary
For more information please contact: Eileen Keeling on 01326 221 361
Date: 26th September 2011

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Dog Show Dog Show Dog Show Dog Show Dog Show Dog Show

Best Puppy (Under 1 Year)
1st:    Alana Pellow with Jessie
2nd:   Andy David with Reuben
3rd:   Vince Mclay with Elisa
4th:    Sabrine Morrisa with Olaf

Best Under 15''
1st:    Ryan Guy with Dexter
2nd:   Elliot Tree with Meg
3rd:   Kath and Fred Kirby with Boris
4th:    Dean Baxter with Geoffrey

Best Over 15''
1st:    Katherin Cumbley with Inca
2nd:   Katie Edwards with Levi

Prettiest Bitch
1st:    Emma Gibbon with Bella
2nd:   Julie Cullin with Thelma
3rd:   Keri Scott with Callie
4th:    Paddie with Star

Most Handsome Dog
1st:    Sabrine Morrisa with Olaf
2nd:   Rhodri with Riley
3rd:   Dawn Crawther with Brian
4th:    Stephanie Leach with Humphrey

Best Young Handler
1st:    Shannon Tree with Meg
2nd:   Ellie Lasley with Kiera
3rd:   Alana Pellow with Jessie

Dog most like it´s Owner
1st:    Kath Larwell with Jodie
2nd:   Katherin Cumbley with Inca
3rd:   Dawn Crawther with Brian
4th:    Kaylie Finn with Geoffrey

Best Rescue
1st:    Kay Ray with Rufus
2nd:   Keri Scott with Callie
3rd:   Catherine Hallwell with Jodie
4th:    Stephanie Leach with Humphrey

Waggliest Tail
1st:    Dean Baxter and Kaylie Finn with Geoffrey
2nd:   Kerri Scott with Bailey
3rd:   Vince Mclary with Elisa
4th:    Rhodri with Riley

Best Party Trick
1st:    Kath Larwell with Jodie
2nd:   Kerri Scott with Bailey
3rd:   Rhodri with Riley
4th:    Dawn Bowers with Shanti

Best Condition
1st:    Julia Forbes with Murphey
2nd:   Andy Davies with Reuben
3rd:   Sabrine Morrisa with Olaf

Best Veteran
1st:    Julia Cullum with Misty
2nd:   Kay Ray with Rufus
3rd:   Kath Larwell with Jodie
4th:    Malcolm Crowle with Shanti

Dog with most appealing eyes
1st:    Diana Cash with Daisy
2nd:   Dawn Crawther with Brian
3rd:   Katie Edwards with Levi
4th:    Brian Kurtis with Fender

Dog judge would most like to take home
1st:    Elliot Tree with Reuben
2nd:   Brian Kurtis with Fender and Sabrine Morrisa with Olaf
3rd:   Dawn Crawther with Brian
4th:    Ryan Guy with Dexter