Boo Leads The Charge!
Staff at the National Seal Sanctuary have released seven seal pups on Monday 24th January 2011...some of them having spent five months in the Sanctuary's care.

Amongst them was Boo, the first of the winter's casualties - rescued as a four-day-old pup on the Scilly Isles.

'The poor little mite had been abandoned by her mother and as they don't have a grey seal rescue facility in the Scillies she was flown to Cornwall,' said the Sanctuary's Rachael Vine.
Seal Release
Boo progressed well in the hospital, learning to eat fish and compete with other pups for food, and was the first ready for release.

″Boo was first in, and first out, easily outpacing the others into the surf,″ said Rachael.

All seven pups were soon back in the sea and eagerly exploring.

″Whilst it is sad to see them go it is great to see them returned to where they belong and watching them enjoy the waves,″ added Rachael.
Press release issued by: The National Seal Sanctuary
For more information please contact: Stephanie Waller on 01326 221361
Date: 25th January 2011