Sahara eats his way to a new home!

Visitors are being offered the chance to feed Britain's most famous seal at the National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall.

Arctic hooded seal Sahara - who has hit national press and TV no fewer than three times in the last 18 months - needs a new pool.

And to help raise the 250,000 needed to provide him with a purpose-built place of his own, visitors are digging deep in their pockets for the privilege of throwing him a sprat or two.

Sahara made the news after twice being rescued thousands of miles from his Arctic home basking in Mediterranean sunshine.
Recent therapy sessions to cure his phobia of ice also made headlines, but what Sahara really needs is a bigger pool with chilling equipment to keep the water cool all year round.

"After releasing Sahara off the Orkneys and then having to rescue him again from Spain, we had to face the fact that Sahara needs to stay with us permanently," said animal care supervisor Tamara Cooper.

"When he's fully grown he will be about nine feet long and weigh around 400 kilos, so he's going to need something pretty spacious.

"Luckily his exploits have made him such a celebrity that people are happily making donations for the chance to help deliver his 3pm feed."

Sahara munches his way through around 3 Kilos of sprats every day, so there are certainly enough to go round!

Issued by The National Seal Sanctuary
For more information, please contact Laura Ward on 01326 221361
Press Release date: 24th October 2008

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