White Coat Released

After six months of rehabilitation, the National Seal Sanctuary are delighted to announce the release of Ginger back to the wild very early on Tuesday 25th July 2006.

Four day old Ginger, a cute and fluffy white coated pup, was rescued in January from Porthtowan.

At the time, the Sanctuary received a call about an abandoned seal on the beach. Normally, if the pup doesn´t seem in distress, we advise the public to wait one tidal cycle before we intervene. However, when we received a subsequent call telling us the pup in question was a white-coated pup that was only a few days old and that there was no sign of mum, the Animal Care Team at the National Seal Sanctuary sprang into action.

"This was the last thing we expected to have in the middle of January, a little white-coated pup. She was also below birth weight at just 12 kilos" said Tamara Cooper, Senior Animal Care Assistant. "We were very concerned that a pup this young, may not be able to survive with out her mum".

Over the last six months, Ginger has transformed from a seal who´s future was uncertain to a thriving seal filled with lots of energy and ready to be returned to the wild.

"After a few days in the hospital, Ginger started to miss her mum, so we put a welly boot in her pen to keep her company. Later when she moved down to the nursery pools, she was unsure of the other seals. She got even more scared when we opened the nursery pool gate to the adult pool, and eight other seals came to welcome her" said Tamara.

Now six months on, Ginger is going back to the wild and we hope this wouldn´t be to scary for her.

To arrange to attend the release and for more details, please contact Tamara Cooper or Rachael Vine on 01326 221361.

Press Release date: 24th July 2006

Update: 25th July 2006
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