Race To Save Beckham The Seal Pup
Swift action by an amateur photographer and his
15-year-old son has saved the life of a stricken seal pup called 'Beckham'.

Fifty-year-old Bruce Ferguson and his son Aaron were high on a hill on Scolt Head Island when they spotted the stranded pup way out on the tide edge.

"We thought he was dead," said Bruce, "but when we finally reached him after trudging across the flats we saw he was just about breathing."
Beckham Beckham had facial injuries - probably inflicted by an adult male seal - and was clearly exhausted.

An RAC officer, Bruce is not one to panic in an emergency. He simply called Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary and a mission was launched to get Beckham safely into the Sanctuary's care.
As the first obstacle was six miles of choppy seas between the island and the mainland Bruce, who lives in Peterborough, flagged down a passing motor dinghy.

He soon persuaded its pilot Neil Longdin, out cruising with his three children Emily (15), Tom (11) and Jake (12), to go and collect Sanctuary animal care workers Kieran Copeland and Hollie Stephenson.
Aaron keep a watchful eye on Beckham
Aaron keep a watchful eye on Beckham While Aaron toiled to build a wall of sand to protect Beckham from the buffeting tide, Bruce then did what any good photographer would do and set about capturing a stunning picture-record of the drama.

Hampered by ferocious breakers, the rescue team had to anchor and hike on foot to collect Beckham, then race back again with only minutes to spare before the tide receded too far to make the return journey possible.
Happily within hours of receiving fluids and veterinary attention in the Sanctuary's indoor hospital Beckham - the latest in a string of rescued pups named after soccer stars - was out of danger.

A common seal pup, he is now gaining strength and stamina and looks on course to move outdoors into a convalescence pool in a few weeks, and provided he piles on the weight, back into the sea in about three months.
Beckham No-one will take a keener interest in his progress than the Fergusons and the Longdins, of course, and both have been invited back to see him whenever they want, free of charge.

Click here to see a selection of (copyright) photographs taken by Bruce Ferguson.
Issued by the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary
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Date: 23rd August 2010

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