Fur Seals in Love

Love is in the air for the newest residents at the National Seal Sanctuary, Gweek.

The Sanctuary recently gave a home to Mika and Chaff, a couple of South African Fur Seals.

These two spend a few hours in each others company at their last home, but since their move to Gweek, now spend all day with each other swimming and playing.

Now Chaff, the male, has begun uttering regular, excited fur seal calls…which the Sanctuary´s experts believe is a very clear sign that he is head over flippers in love.

"He and Mika have become so inseparable that it´s become almost impossible to do the training we need to do with them," said Abi Nicholls, Animal Care Assistant.

"It´s important that both Chaff and Mika are taught some simple tricks like rolling over on command so that veterinary inspections can be carried out with ease."

With the summer just around the corner, this is the times that in the wild that Fur Seals would start to breed, so Sanctuary staff are not unduly surprised that Chaff and Mika are getting increasingly amorous.

"When the breeding season comes male seals start calling which sounds a lot like a cow mooing".

"It´s all pointing to the prospect of the splash of tiny flippers some time later this summer."

Photo of MikaPhoto of Chaff

For more information, please contact Rachael Vine or Abi Nicholls on 01326 221361

Press Release date: 23rd May 2006