Ferocious Seal Pup ′Damien′ Rescued by The Hollies!
Rescuing stranded seal pups may sound like a nice gentle pursuit to the uninitiated.

Not when the animal in question is 22 kilograms of spitting and snarling grey seal, however, as animal care workers Hollie Stephenson and Hollie Stallworthy discovered.

The two Hollies are both relative newcomers to the team at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary, and until recently had only worked with smaller, more docile common seals.
When the sanctuary received a string of calls about a pup in trouble not far along the Hunstanton seafront, however, they sprang into action without hesitation.

″The commons we bring in are generally very weak from hunger or illness, and although you have to remember at all times that they are wild animals and capable of inflicting a nasty bite, they generally come quietly,″ said 24-year-old Hollie Stephenson.
The two Hollies - photo taken by Bob and Jacquie, Newark ″So we were both a bit taken aback when we finally located this particular casualty and it reacted like an angry tiger.

″Though clearly in a bad way, it lunged at both of us determined to bite chunks out of us if it could.″

The two Hollies (photo left) nevertheless managed to manoeuvre their patient into a stretcher and walk him back to the Sanctuary, where he has been christened ′Damien′ after the devil-child of The Omen films.
″As soon as we released him into his hospital pen he started stalking us again,″ said Hollie Stallworthy, aged 22.

The plucky pair nevertheless managed to wrestle Damien into submission long enough to tube-feed him vital fluids.

He has now perked up so significantly that provided he gets the all-clear from blood-test results he may go back to the wild within days...and the two Hollies can heave a sigh of relief!
Issued by the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Nigel Croasdale on 01485 533576
Date: 21st February 2011

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