Lucky Fifteen

Fifteen Cornwall based at Watergate Bay in Newquay came to the aid of a sick seal that was found on the beach during the early morning of Saturday 11th November 2006.

Employee Sam who was working early on Saturday morning saw the small distressed seal on the beach and called the Sanctuary at Gweek.

Marie-anna Fellows, who was on call that day along with a volunteer, grab the rescue kit and cage and headed out to Newquay.

When Marie-Anna arrived, she had been told on the phone to follow the yellow hose down the side of the building, and through the gate. Unfortunately the gate was locked, but luckily a member of staff, offered to take them through the restaurant and down to the beach.
Pilchard - photo taken by Rachael Vine
The pup on the beach who had been visited by most of the staff at Fifteen, was very thin, and he had a bit of a high temperature, but was given fluids at the seen for the journey back to Gweek.

Before the journey back to Gweek, Marie-Anna gave a brief talk and description of how to spot a skinny seal.

Pilchard, as he has been named, is now back at the Sanctuary and is doing well this is the fifteenth pup of the rescue season and weighed only 15 kilos.
For more details, please contact Rachael Vine on 01326 221361.

Press Release date: 17th November 2006