Children set to become seal rescuers!
Visiting children will soon get the chance to try out a spot of seal rescue for themselves at the National Seal Sanctuary.

Mock rescues and health checks will be a key part of a new presentation by the Sanctuary in its extensively refurbished underwater viewing at Easter.

The underwater observatory will become the official Seal Rescue Centre, in which talks, demonstrations and interpretation will all revolve around the 'R factor'...rescue, rehabilitation, release, research and retirement.
Underwater viewing window
"Our younger visitors will no longer be mere spectators," said manager Sarah Vine.

"Now they can roll their sleeves up and have a go at a proper clinical assessment of a rescued seal pup, examining it for injuries and working out the best course of treatment."

Luckily for those taking part the pup being examined is a startlingly realistic but totally submissive rubber model...rather than several kilos of spitting, snarling and biting fur and blubber as tends to be the case with the real casualties.

"We think children will enjoy this deeper insight into the work we do here, and who knows, we may be giving some early training to future members of our animal care team," said Sarah.

The Seal Rescue Centre will be officially opened at 10.30am on 20th March 2008 when the Mayor and Mayoress of Helston will have their seal rescue skills put to the test.
Issued by The National Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Rachael Vine on 01326 221361
Press Release date: 17th March 2008

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