Cornish seafarers, coastal residents and anyone visiting the seaside are being asked to keep an eye out for seals over the next few months.

The appeal comes from staff at The National Seal Sanctuary who will be releasing the final few casualties of another busy rescue season next Tuesday, 17th May.

"The winter has been as hectic as ever," said animal care worker Clare McGowan.

"We picked up our first seal pup on 15th September and the last one - the 48th of the winter - came in on 13th March."
Seal Release
The return of the last four pups to their natural environment on Tuesday does not end the Sanctuary´s involvement with them, however.

"We obviously want to know that our efforts have paid off and that all our rescued and rehabilitated seals are coping well back in the wild," said Clare.

To that end, every rescued seal this last winter has been fitted with a white tag on one of its rear flippers.

"If anyone spots a seal sporting such a tag, we would be keen to hear from them with the date, time and place of their sighting and an indication of whether the seal seemed in good health or not," said Clare.

Meanwhile Clare and her colleagues can now focus all their energies on caring for residents seals, sea-lions, otters, penguins and other animals until grey seals start breeding again in the autumn.
Press release issued by: The National Seal Sanctuary
For more details please call on 01326 221361