Cute Croc´s Arrive in Hunstanton
It might seem an unlikely description for crocodiles...but the three razor-toothed reptiles that have arrived in our SEA LIFE Sanctuary are most definitely ´cute´.

Staff had to receive special training in safe handling procedures at a sister site in Weymouth prior to the arrival of the three Cuvier's dwarf crocodiles, the world´s smallest species.
Crocodiles - photo by Doris
Crocodiles - photo by Doris Though males can reach over five feet long in the wild, the three new arrivals are still scarcely more than one foot.

Hailing from South America, they arrived in the UK a year ago from an American zoo where they had been captive bred.
There is a fantastic new tank to house our three new residents, with warm shallow water and a dry haul out area.

Little is known about Dwarf Cuviers, so we hope to shed a little light on their behaviour and general biology. Given that they can live to be 40-years-old in captivity, there will be plenty of time for our studies.
Crocodiles - photo by Doris
Issued by the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary

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