The Sanctuary has busiest seal rescue season on record
This summer´s bad weather has broken yet another unprecedented 62 seal pups needing help by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Storms, relentless rain and heavy seas are thought responsible for the heavy toll...comfortably beating the previous record rescue total of 49 pups.

The Sanctuary´s exhausted animal care team is finally enjoying some respite after releasing the final four casualties back into the wild from Gwithian Beach on Friday morning (3rd August 2012).
Pups released
They included Amelia, who came in last November as a one-day old pup still sporting the fluffy white coat that grey seal pups shed after about one week.

It may be a short break, however, with a fresh grey seal breeding season imminent and the likelihood of more rescues any time from early September onwards.

"It´s certainly been a hectic summer, and we´re all hoping both the seals and our team have an easier time of it this coming winter," said senior animal care assistant Clare McGowan.

She added that ten of this year´s patients came to the Sanctuary as overspill from the RSPCA, who also found themselves operating flat out because of the bad weather.

"Hopefully their efforts and ours have helped ensure that the impact on the grey seal population overall was not too devastating," she said.
Press Release issued by: The Cornish Seal Sanctuary
Date: 7th August 2012