Rare visitor to Gweek
Staff at the National Seal Sanctuary are delighted to give expert care to ´E´ minor, an 11 week old Common seal, which has arrived in need of a bit of special attention.

´E´ Minor was born in June of this year at Weymouth SEA LIFE Centre, but he experienced a few problems learning to eat fish. Weymouth asked Dr Glenn Boyle, Curator of Seals at Gweek, if we could help this little chap.
´With ´E´ Minor weighing around 13kg, which is below birth weight, we were pleased to assist with the help of the Common seal´, said Dr Boyle.

On first arriving to the Sanctuary, ´E´ Minor was given 24 hours of fluid, as he was a little dehydrated (seals receive fluids from the fish they eat), and he was taught to eat fish.

´Force feeding helps to teach a seal what he needs to do with a fish, and is part of the first stage of rehabilitation. After this we will leave fish tails in his pen so he can try to feed for himself, next is small whole fish, followed by larger whole fish´ added Glenn.
E-Minor, common seal pup - photo taken by Rachael Vine
´E´ Minor will be at the Seal Sanctuary for the next few weeks while he puts on at least another 10 - 15 kilos, before being returned back to the SEA LIFE Centre in Weymouth.
For more information, please contact Dr Glenn Boyle or Rachael Vine on 01326 221361

Press Release date: 1st September 2006

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